Full version Elementals: The Seven Spheres Complete

Full version  Elementals: The Seven Spheres Complete
a sphere was only the beginning. Living with one is something else entirely... In the near future, much of the globe wages war against the virtaiyu: a high-tech alien race?and humanity?s greatest threat. Drafted alongside all other seventeen-year-old males, Kaiba Cassidy prepares for the battlefront and struggles with leaving behind everything he has ever known. Simultaneously, Nassira Arujo works desperately in the Brazilian rainforest to keep her family?s refugee camp safe, and Emily Sursten tries to convince herself that the bliss of Australia can last. Kaiba, Nassira, and Emily have no idea that their fates are intertwined until each discovers an Elemental Sphere: a mysterious orb that fuses to their bodies and bestows the capability to control an element of nature. But the trio finds that their new powers come with unexpected consequences, and if they are to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, they will have to fight to prevent the elements from falling into the wrong hands while maintaining their humanity in the process?Elementals: The Seven Spheres is now an Award-Winning Finalist in the "Science Fiction" category of the 2014 International Book Awards.